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  1. I am 44 years old with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Before MS I was very active with outdoor activities. MS has decreased my quality of life due to barriers that limit my mobility. The TrailRider has allowed me access to trails that I am not able to use with my wheelchair and it allows me to have social time with my friends that double as sherpas. There is no cure for my illness so allowing me oppportunity to continue with community hikes really improves my well being. The TrailRider has allowed my good friends to take me out into the wilderness, something we have not been able to do together for three years. The link I am attaching is of the local trail system.
    – Debra McDonald –

  2. Our 15 year-old daughter Sarah has cerebral palsy which limits her ability to access and enjoy much of what a community like Salmon Arm has to enjoy. The TrailRider Program would enable her, and those with limited mobility, to explore hiking trails and off-road areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. We have had the opportunity to give the TrailRider a test drive and found it to be remarkably easy to navigate and manoeuvre. It is well designed for the comfort of both the seated individual and the Sherpas. Sarah thoroughly enjoyed the ride and immediately recognized the possibilities of new adventures. It would surely open up the door to what many of us take for granted… the enjoyment of the natural outdoors without barriers.
    – Lisa Bennett –

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