Canada Day Enderby -TrailRider

Today was about Canada Day and promoting the TrailRider in Enderby.

It was a pretty hot day good thing we had a canopy tent. The shade was a lifesaver for me. We forgot our table and a chair for Cheryl, oops. Next time we will pack the day before.

This one particular fellow from Edmonton exchanged alot of information with me. He was also in a wheelchair and had some pretty cool gadgets on his chair, I was very jealous. We exchanged cards and he may actually book the TrailRider, while continuing his vacation. As well he writes a quarterly news letter for spinal cord Alberta and he is going to pass my information on. We get so many Alberta vacationers, what a great contact to have met today.

The live band at Barnes park was pretty darn good, lots of classic rock and roll. Unfortunately we didn’t get any Canada Day cake. Honestly I didn’t need any . My good friend rode her bike down with a nap sack full of garden food prepared with love. Can’t get much better than that. Oh and there was desert, my favorite chocolate chip cookies that were homemade. How spoiled am I.

There were three boys that were very interested in the TrailRider , they had this idea that they could propel it themselves. So we got them all set up one boy sat in the seat, one was the front sherpa and Cheryl was the Back Sherpa.They took turns and went around the park, good exposure. The boys and Cheryl were stellar. Two couples took their sons out as well. The fellow who kept deploying the brake while front person was pulling, boo! The stickers for kids were a great hit. We hope this was a good introduction to the TrailRider and possibilities.

Thanks Enderby Chamber of Commerce for letting us come out.

Next Parks Canada Day-Revelstoke, if my van diagnoses is not major.

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