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The TrailRider can allow everyone to experience the beautiful country of Revelstoke.

Come check it out! It’s no secret that downtown Revelstoke will be pumping with community activities and music workshops throughout the weekend with lots to do, see and hear. But we’re also bringing together a bunch of adventure sport related enterprises at our Adventure Market to showcase their products and services, giving you ample opportunity to discover your next great outdoor passion. Here, you’ll also have access to vital information about such topics as avalanche awareness and back country safety, and the opportunity to attend an informal indoor presentation by internationally recognized guest speakers whose topics range from extreme mountain sports to the environment and our social responsibility to the planet. Who wants to miss that?!

The Adventure Market will be located along McKenzie Ave from Victoria Rd to 2nd Street with adventure sport operators and gear providers lining both sides of the street. You’ll also find local, organic and healthy foods along with handcrafted goods available for purchase at the Revelstoke Farm and Craft Market. We’ve also included a few non-profit groups and community organizations which will be promoting their own initiatives so if you’re feeling the love, please don’t hesitate to help out a local worthy cause or group as you meander through the area.

Downtown Revy is where it’s all at for Saturday and Sunday daytime activities so plant your feet on the street and we’ll see you there!

My hometown, come visit me.


I am Shuswap TrailRider Adaptive Adventure Society come try. SO excited to come home.

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