Little Mountain/ Soccer and 2014 – 2nd Annual Footsteps for Our Future Walk

Finally it is warm enough. My first trip out with the TrailRider to Little Mountain and the 2014 – 2nd Annual Footsteps for Our Future Walk.

Mother’s Day walk – TrailRider:

11 year old photographer took many photos and hence the long girl song. I like the song.

It truly was a girls day. I do not know the trail system and my sherpas are from out of town so who knows where we were and how to get back. The kids aren’t lost. We weren’t lost but we did a few u turns and the young girls kept us on track and took alot of photos.

I didn’t realize my height in the TrailRider is the same as a thirteen year old. My perspective of the world is young and full of life, how cool is that.

It was a very long winter, similar to a bear in hibernation. I am just not so grumpy in the spring because lucky for me I get to eat all winter, maybe too well.

I also did a little talk at the Shuswap auxiliary event. I was not prepared for that, very nice of them to invite us. I think I did OK, kept it simple.

What a fantastic Day.

I am sure someone has told STA about the down trees at little mtn.

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